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This helps optimize the focus of normal white light for distance and near vision.The approval of toric multifocal lenses, such as the Acri.While the ciliary body is relaxed, the two optics are relatively close together for distance vision.

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Because of the dual optics, implanting the Synchrony lens is like placing two IOLs simultaneously, which makes it more difficult to insert than standard IOLs.

Also, the eye tends to be myopic after the lens’ implantation and to have a variable drift toward emmetropia as the capsular bag heals.

Theoretically, 1.5 mm of separation should result in about 3.50 D of accommodation.

In a prospective study, presented at the 2009 ASCRS meeting, Ossma and colleagues randomly assigned 100 subjects to receive either a Synchrony IOL or an Acry Sof Restor IOL in both of their eyes.

Premium IOLs generally provide better UCVA than traditional standard monofocal lenses.

The new IOLs in the pipeline may finally make spectacles after cataract surgery unnecessary. Maloney, MD, is in private practice with and the director of the Maloney Vision Institute in Los Angeles. and is chief medical officer for Calhoun Vision, Inc. The Light Adjustable Lens (Calhoun Vision, Inc., Pasadena, CA) is designed to address this problem.Made of a photosensitive silicone material, this threepiece lens is implanted in the standard fashion.Chromatic aberration reduces image quality in normal white light because each of its color wavelengths refracts differently.The Tecnis Multifocal IOL is made of an acrylic material with chromatic aberration, which is better than that of the crystalline lens.The 1CU lens (Human Optics AG, Erlangen, Germany) is available in Europe but not the United States.

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