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Honestly, I wasn’t convinced I would learn anything new; I mean I have lived through the experiences in my life – so how can anyone else give me more insight on my experiences. I am an Indian physician, in my early 60’s divorced from a marriage to a non-Indian after 25 years.

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Read More My interaction with Jasbina has been immensely gratifying.

Right from the early stages of understanding the dating process, to assuaging my fears of online dating and *putting myself out there*, Jasbina’s advice has been extremely insightful and productive. Read More It was such a pleasure to meet you and the personal consultation really got me thinking about a lot of important things that I was not spending enough time thinking about.

It also made me realize that I do have to start taking active steps to find the life partner I want.

Waris Singh Ahluwalia (born 1974) is a Sikh American designer and actor based in New York City.

We are all living busy lives with work, friends, family, social media, and internet use in general, online dating appears to be an easier way to meet someone, however, its ever more challenging.

I signed up for Intersections Match because they claimed to be the only national elite matchmaking service targeting South Asian singles; providing customized service with select singles, only after having to get to know their clients through an in-depth 1.5 to 2 hours of personal consultation, among other things, which by now, I am certain you’re aware of if you’re reading this review.So, I think its important to provide objective feedback, from my perspective, in comparison to the rosy testimonials that Intersections Match have made available on their website.I made a big mistake using Intersections Match and this blog was created so that you can learn from my mistakes of using Jasbina Ahluwalia’s Matchmaking service.Read More I was introduced to Jasbina through a mutual acquaintance soon after Jasbina started Intersections Matchmaking.I am an Indian physician, in my early 60’s divorced from a marriage to a non-Indian after 25 years.I think e Harmony does a way better job at matching, and it costs pennies when compared to Intersections Match.

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