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Mike Agassi was a tennis fanatic, to put it nicely, determined to turn at least one of his four children into a world-class player.He hung tennis balls over Andre's crib, and gave his son a full-sized racket at age 2.The relationship between Agassi, 31, and Graf, 32, who retired two years ago after winning 22 grand slam titles, began after both won the French Open in 1999.

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But by November 1997, his ranking had plunged to 141 and his marriage began to crumble.

After he and Shields split, Agassi rededicated himself to tennis: he shaved his balding head, began a rigorous conditioning program, and worked his way back to the ATP by playing Challenger Tournaments, a curcuit for professionals ranked 50th and lower.

Agassi keeps in exceptional physical shape and can outlast many players over the course of a long match.

He typically employs a baseline style of play, rarely serving-and-volleying.

Agassi, an ethnic Armenian, was born and raised in Las Vegas, and still lives there when not on tour.

His father, Emmanuel "Mike" Agassi, was a boxer for Iran in the 19 Olympics before emigrating to the U. When he became a citizen, he changed his name from Agassian to Agassi.

Perhaps most remarkably, he has emerged as a gracious and thoughtful professional athlete, and something of an elder spokesman among the sport's active players.

After winning a match, he bows and blows a two-handed kiss to the spectators on each side of the court, a gesture most take as a rather humble acknowledgement of their support for him and for tennis.

Their daughter, Jaz Elle, was born on October 3, 2003.

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