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Bell's only regret: bringing a TV crew into her parents' home in D.

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Once in the fantasy suite, which was lined with candles, Brad explained how his feelings for Jenni are going deeper than just the physical and he's continually growing a stronger connection with her.

"I feel like Brad and I have this amazing thing together and it's something that you can't deny," said Jenni as a video montage of her and Brad making-out in the fantasy suite aired.

She eventually grew comfortable and had a good time with both Brad and the dolphins.

While Brad said he understood he and Jenni are both "very, very attracted to each other" physically -- he wanted to be sure their relationship was more than just that -- asking her point blank what she wants to see happen with their blossoming romance.

I completely, completely was falling in love with him, and...

I did not see this coming at all," said Bettina following her ouster.

Brad then spoke a half truth, half joke when he asked Bettina if her family would be mad if she moves to Austin to be with him.

Both shared a laugh before Brad clarified it was "an issue," and Bettina replied with an enthusiastic "yes" and commented it "wasn't even a thought" that she would relocate.

"I felt like the entire time, I was trying to relay that to them -- that I was so into you, that this was real," explained Brad to Bettina.

"I left there feeling doubted." Bettina said she doesn't want Brad to feel doubted because she doesn't doubt him for a second.

While Brad was looking for the right time to play the card, Jenni basically badgered him to give it to her.

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