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You may request up to TWO excused absences without submitted documentation of special circumstance.

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Horning is the textbook currently being used by Sara Quay in the accelerated online version of this course.

After downloading and reviewing this book, as well as considering several other textbook options, this book was selected for its accessibility to readers new to literature, and with consideration of its inexpensive price and availability in both book and digital formats for about $10 each.

These awards will be presented at the end of class celebration at the end of the course. Attendance & Participation This class meets only once per week and a lot of our learning is through participation in class. Any unexcused absences will receive ZERO participation points for the day.

No more than TWO excused absences are forgiven without documentation. Participation points for each class will be evaluated on a scale of 1-4 using the following rubric.

Comes to class prepared enough to fully participate in learning activities but may not have completed all of the pre-course assignments.

Makes best efforts to engage their child in classroom activities and engages with classmates, children and instructor in ways to promote classroom learning.

An subscription would give families access to thousands of books on tape to be used in the bedtime stories (juvenile & young adult fiction) project.

Children’s Book List: The majority of children’s books that you will read for this class, you will have discretion over the selection of.

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes for all ENG 312 students at Endicott College include: Required Readings: Kathleen T. Please adhere to the Class Netflix Account Policy for directions on appropriate use of the account.

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