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Some commentators have rejoiced in what they see as a deserved comeuppance for those who have been indulging in digital infidelity, while others argue the users are victims of a grave breach of privacy.

While it has been assumed that the scandal would sound the site’s death knell, it has also generated a vast amount of free publicity – and led even those of us who would never dream of cheating, less still giving away our personal details to a website to do so, wondering what it would be like to enter an online den of marital cheaters.

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Assuming that she hasn’t started a new job or had some other big change in her life, take these changes as potential signs.

Cheating girlfriends often become very guarded and cagey. Reena Sommer, a divorce and affair consultant and author of the book "The Anatomy of An Affair," observes that when cheating mates are working on a computer, they are often quick to close or change a program window whenever you approach. Robert Huizenga, an infidelity coach quoted in an article on, says that a cheating girlfriend may begin to delete emails from her email inbox, where before she let them accumulate.

Priming myself not to lie or deceive, I set up a profile.

I hit the first hurdle when both usernames Naughty Boy88 and Naughty Boy1988 are taken.

Sometimes a friend is just a friend, but if your girlfriend speaks of one new male friend more than any other, she may be having an affair with him.

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