Christian books about dating courtship

How can a relationship that is called “love” be dictated and dominated by selfish motives? We must examine our understanding of love, as Christ modelled it for us, and live it out accordingly.

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There are no mind games – trying to figure out if the other person is serious or just playing with your emotions.

Therefore, you should not enter into a courtship until you are of an age and stage in life when marriage is a realistic possibility for you.

(If they have respected and honoured each other's purity, they often remain as friends.) If they discern a call to marriage, they continue to grow in preparation for that wonderful vocation.

The stakes are high in a courtship because a couple is exploring marriage from the very outset of their romantic relationship, but it is also makes them more honest.

It is an exclusive relationship, in that one chooses to enter into courtship with only one person at a time.

If a couple discerns that marriage is not their calling, they end the courtship relationship.A good mentoring couple will guide the younger couple, helping to keep them on track while sharing with them the joys and struggles that they face.When a couple courts they are saying that they are exploring marriage as a possibility for themselves.There is something very gratifying in being identified as someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Yet that is a false identity, founded on a false sense of security and rooted in insecurity in your own worth as a person.Your value as a person comes from your dignity as a child of God!If you value marriage and chastity, then do yourself a favour and avoid anything that would derail you from living out that value. If we have to answer to someone else, we tend to be more focussed.

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