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Alex Henriquez, Joe Stapleton, Scott Huff, Court Harrington. AL: My hottest guy in poker is Joe Sebok (most attractive guy, not just in poker…in life) and my second is Nick Schulman (such a cutie with the shaggy hair and glasses). She has that girl next door look, but I think she could probably get crazy for some reason.

Some of my favorite people in poker are Amnon Filippi, JC Tran, Jeff Madsen, Daniel Negreanu, and Lacey Jones. Hottest chick would definitely have to be Erica Schoenberg. Thanks Amanda and congratulations on your cash at the WSOP!

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Daniel negreanu and amanda leatherman dating

You’ll be thinking, does that slot machine jackpot have your name on it?

Eleven times WSOP bracelet winner, Ultimate Bet ambassador and self-proclaimed ‘best NL Hold’em player in the world’ he may be, but Phil Hellmuth’s abysmal form in televised cash games continued on Poker Stars the Big Game.

I think it’s great for some people, but I’m not too into it. [Smiley face] ML: When single what do you look for in a guy? Not too much though, not to the point of arrogance.

It’s hard to find someone you can sit in the same room with, without saying anything at all. probably that I get to travel the world and hang with my friends all the time. You hang out all day at work and then you hang out again after at a bar.

The below is WCP contributor Michele Lewis‘ latest interview in her “Girl on Girl” series at the WSOP.

Stay tuned for more interviews with some of the coolest, hottest girls in poker. Girl on Girl at the 2008 WSOP is a great way to start off Monday morning.

Poker Stars Big Game, now about to enter week seven, is a refreshing alternative to other televised cash games such as GSN’s High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark.

It features a unique concept where an online qualifier, dubbed the ‘loose cannon’, is staked 0k to battle the pros.

Again, some might think it’s just her beauty encouraging the constant double-takes, but I disagree.

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