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How can you trust anything someone says if the foundation you started on was all bullsh*t?If a guy has no desire to fulfill your needs in the bedroom, it's a huge problem. Sex is made for two people to both participate in and enjoy. If your guy is the only one being satisfied by your intercourse, you need to subtract yourself from the equation and leave him to his hand. No type of relationship should ever leave you feeling bad about yourself.Pimps are good at one thing, controlling women through manipulation. You need to wake up and smell the coffee -- if you were special to him, he would be around. Unfortunately with this man being a pimp and bringing in women from off the street and into your lives, there is going to be trouble and drama. We should have standards for the people we have in our life that are high and not compromise for the sake of something like an emotion, which is all love is. When you say he is like a drug, you might be right. You may have an addictive personality and he is indeed like a drug for you that causes you to make poor decisions. We should have personal boundaries for our own physical and emotional protection.

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Because if that doesn’t scream, "I degrade women," I don’t know what does.

This is obviously awful, and I can confidently say it's a red flag for any person, man or woman.

If he is still “best friends” with his ex while trying to pursue a relationship with you, you're getting duped. The people you surround yourself with should lift you up and make you feel your best.

The only reason two exes are continuing contact is because either one or both of them sees a possibility of getting back together. Anything less is something you just don’t need in your life. This guy will tell you, “I’ll take you out,” or “I’ll introduce you to my friends.”Yet every time you hang out, it’s alone in bed together.

As I am a woman who has only dated guys, I’m really only qualified to give out a list of red flags for men.

Here are nine red flags that should indicate you should break up with your boyfriend: Not having a great relationship with your family is totally okay, and it's frankly way more common than people think.

They listened to the intro verse, heard the sweet chorus of “I choose you”, and figured they had heard enough to tell that this song a love ballad about choosing your soulmate.

They all told me how they loved this “sweet” song and was glad Down South rappers could put out something so touching. The two verses by UGK give explicit tales of getting girls to literally sell their body for them, their recruitment methods, and the great things they can buy with the money earned.

Frankly, this person doesn't see your value beyond your sexuality.

Trust me, you have more value than someone who just services a guy. Guy or girl, if you catch your partner in a lie more than once, there is no real reason to keep the relationship going.

Splitting the bill is awesome, and even paying for a few dates yourself because you want to treat is even cuter.

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