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Have them join the Cadets with any arm of the Defence Forces as soon as they are old enough to do so, until they leave high school 3.

The psychology of child behaviour is beyond the scope of this site which is dedicated to setting high standards of manners and etiquette in schools and in all the many situations that children will find themselves in.

While different sets of rules apply in various school settings they all boil down to the basics of respecting the rights of each other; not doing only what they selfishly want to do, but doing what is expected of them and doing it with a good will.

If School Etiquette in its many aspects is not spelt out for them, how are they to know what the boundaries are?

To help kids we have provided some simple guidelines for them to follow (please see below).

We suggest that you establish at least the following two rules: 1. They must finish high school at least To reinforce your good example and values you would do well to: 1.

Have them join the Cub Scouts, Scouts or Girl Guides at an early age and continuously until they are old enough for the next step 2.

Alternatively, please create a link to this page to convey your participation in the move to promote School Etiquette. Schools Listed Table Manners for Children Manners & Etiquette for Children Kids Telephone Etiquette Careers for Teens Can't find what you are looking for?

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They will emerge all the better for it with greater confidence, sense of responsibility and be well disciplined.

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