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This bad boy is from one of my favourite Malaysian burger places, but they’re not the only ones serving up salted egg yolk burger goodness.

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For the authentic salted egg yolk experience, duck eggs are brined or packed in a moist, salted charcoal paste for a few months.

This makes the egg whites very salty and cures the egg yolks within, turning them into beautiful bright orange orbs of solid umami sunshine.

Another one of my favorite local haunts, Inside Scoop is one of the newer artisan ice cream places to grace the Malaysian foodie scene.

Their salted egg waffle is a dream, served up with a syringe of salted egg yolk sauce for you to squirt as you please.

You can get this chicken dish by the cup at night markets all over Malaysia and Singapore.

Much like the crab dish, bite-sized chicken pieces are battered and deep fried before being slathered with the salted egg sauce. For more ways to pimp your french toast, click here.

Will the salted egg explode, much like the Japanese water droplet cake did?

It’s the period of the year (depending on where you live) that is during winter. ” It’s one of the top fitness questions I get asked, and understandably so.

Another great east-meets-west fusion, these buttery, drippy, flaky dreams first appeared in Hong Kong at a place called Urban Bakery.

Since then, they've been copied by bakeries all over Southeast Asia to cater to region-wide salted egg obsessions.

Considered by some the dish of the Asian millenial, fresh rock crabs are deep fried and coated in a thick salted egg yolk sauce.

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