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I used to bring them to msn to chat, and I met a few (in another town, another time), but even once meeting the game isn't yet won.

Heck, I'd probably have had just as much chances approaching random women everywhere I went.

otherwise have sex change implants , you be on 50 emails day pmsl I'm just here for the forums. I then took her profile apart and spent a couple hours composing a message aimed right at her personality, etc.

I wanted her to feel special so I even told her in her message that she was the only woman I had contacted.

Ratio of email sent to actually sitting down and meeting someone in real life because of the email sent is 1 out of 100 or more. A perfect example of that would be like this a man talks to hundreds of women and nothing happens except a date or two while someone who never gets a response could find that one person they are looking for and form a steady relationship. My first week here and messaged about 40 women I thought would be good matches.

When I make a pass at someone I met in real life 80% of the time we end up on a date. Heard back from 4 and had 2 girls take the initiative to message me first.. So far I'm not very impressed :/When I sent messages, around 80 percent or so.

Let her know that you want to meet HER in particular and not just a woman.

If I was a woman and thought some guy was sending out generic emails to a list of women, I'd hit the delete button.

However, the first one never wrote back a second time and I am still waiting to see what happens with the other woman who did respond.

if you get anymore than an 8 percent response rate and it isn't just from people who really aren't interested in anything other than wasting everyone's time, you are the Ty Cobb of POF.

For always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

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