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Some of these are nationwide, others are statewide.

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Apart from the fact that most of these do not keep century-long databases, there is also the possibility that the death of the person you are researching was not announced in a newspaper obituary.

This is why collecting as much information as possible before starting your search is essential and will save you a lot of time.

One digital database that keeps historical obituaries is Family Search.

You can search through Michigan obituaries dating from the period 1867 to 1897.

What's more, some of them even have online obituary indexes that you can take advantage of before going on to locate the actual document in the library's newspaper collections.

The Saginaw Public Libraries, for instance, provide a search tool and a dedicated genealogy and history section.

MLive is one website that keeps a database of obituaries published in one of eight newspapers from the state.

You can browse recent entries, or tap the archives.

If the decedent lived and died in the same town or city, then it will be one of the papers circulating in this location that would have published an obituary.

If, however, they died in a place different from their place of residence, there is a chance that a newspaper from the former had carried a story about the event.

It could be a time-consuming business, though, if you lack information and if the obituary was published a long time ago in a newspaper that is no longer in circulation.

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