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David’s forte is teaching French pronunciation, and engaging students in fun and useful conversation from day one, with the goal of rapidly developing confidence when speaking in both scripted and spontaneous conversations.Although the lessons will provide solid grammatical foundations, David understands many students priority is to quickly communicate in French and he will make sure you’ll get plenty of practice.To really improve in French, you need to develop a trusting bond with your French teacher, so you can get over your fear of speaking French.

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French native with a master’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language from the Paris’ Sorbonne and a diploma in the English language as well, Sabrina is eager to share with you her passion for her country and its beautiful language.

After a few years spent abroad in New-Zealand, Ukraine or Jersey working as a teacher of French as a Foreign language and enjoying the joys of traveling, she decided to move back to France where she now resides and teaches both French and English.His genuinely kind and caring personality will set you at ease and in no time, you’ll find yourself chatting away with him.Specialised in teaching French to total beginners and intermediate students, David also offers conversation lessons to advanced students.Sabrina is currently accepting new students, and she is available from Monday through Friday, with flexible hours to best fit her students time zone.If you are interested in French lessons by Skype contact Sabrina with your availability (FRANCE time please – indicate your goals and current French level).American born, David’s lifelong passion has been to master French, Spanish and Chinese languages and accents.

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