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Rita's 2020 USA is still five decades ahead of the Commonwealth, but the Commonwealth has computers and nukes and world-walkers.

And the Commonwealth has something else, something the USA once probably had but has forgotten: a revolutionary democratic ideology and a deep state that believes it has a mission to spread democracy across the multiverse, starting with the USA.

A paratime superpower with nuclear weapons and world-walker technology is about to undergo its first serious succession crisis, just as a US government paratime agency that knows none of this stumbles across them and decides to send in the spies. Read "Dark State" and "Invisible Sun" to find out, because the novel "Empire Games" is only the first third of the story ... Mike Fleming from the previous series does not appear in this one.

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For nearly two decades they've suspected the Clan survivors are out there, hiding somewhere in paratime. Miriam Burgeson (she re-married in exile) is now a middle-aged high-ranking political apparatchik in the government of the New American Commonwealth, the political entity which supplanted the former New British Empire of Time Line Three in the original series, after the revolution that Miriam inadvertently bankrolled (during a fiscal crisis and national bankruptcy a couple of hundred kilograms of gold will go a long way).

If they're in this new time line, the approach they used on to the Gruinmarkt at the end of "The Revolution Trade" isn't going to work, and they don't know enough about the target time line to even know what language they speak. In fact, she's one half of a Clinton-esque power couple; as Party Commissioner in charge of the Ministry for Intertemporal Technological Intelligence and head of the Department for Paratime Research (industrial espionage via world-walker) she has both a mission and the leverage to drag the Commonwealth kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat; and as Commissioner in charge of the State Ministry of Propaganda, her husband Erasmus has the media through which to disseminate her message: "The Americans are Coming." Miriam has dedicated her past two decades to ensuring that when the USA makes first contact with the Commonwealth, it won't be a one-sided struggle.

This is why the ebook price drop and small format paperback have already happened in the UK, but the ebook price cut and US paperback of "Empire Games" are delayed until December 5th.

(There are no current plans for a mass market release, despite which are optimistically saying that you can pre-order one for delivery on January 1st, 2099.

"Empire Games", the first book of the trilogy of that name, is published by Tor in the USA (and Canada) and by Tor in the UK (and EU, and Aus/NZ).

Despite their similar-sounding names, these are actually two different companies within a sprawling multinational (Holtzbrinck Publishing Group), and although my US and UK editors work together, they're publishing through different distribution networks (because, historically, books weren't a valuable enough wholesale product to ship internationally).After all, who cares about what they may have gotten up to back in a Communist state that collapsed three decades ago?We fairly rapidly discover that the reason Colonel Smith's unit within the DHS (yes, Colonel Smith: the original Family Trade Organization was absorbed by DHS and more or less took it over, immediately after the events in "The Revolution Trade") want a human paratime spy is because in the course of their routine exploration of parallel time-lines, most of which are uninhabited or occupied only by paleolithic tribes, they've discovered something excitingly different—a time line with electrified freight railroads, air defense radar, and nuclear-tipped surface-to-air missiles that can shoot down high-altitude drones.First, an apologia for a technical complication ...So, with previous books I've been in the habit of writing up my crib notes and blogging them around the time the book comes out in mass-market paperback and the ebook price is cut accordingly, which is traditionally twelve months after the hardcover publication date.However, we live in interesting times and the mass market distribution channel—used for small format paperbacks in the USA—is decaying (it died in the early 90s in the UK).

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