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At yearend 2001, 3.2% of all female State prison inmates were HIV positive, compared to 2.0% of males.

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* Rate of AIDS-related deaths in State prisons decreased in 2004.

11/97 Press release | Acrobat file (244K) | ASCII file (21K) | Spreadsheets (zip format 17K) April 2006.

"Acute retroviral syndrome developed in an inmate in a detention center after he had intercourse with 2 HIV-infected inmates.

Correctional facilities house a disproportionate number of HIV-infected persons, and most do not provide inmates with condoms.

Bound copies of the 328-page book are available for $10 from the Southern Poverty Law Center, P. Collins, (104 pgs., The National Institute of Corrections, September 2007).

The sections included in this document are: Introduction, History of Court Involvement, Corrections & the Constitution in the New Century, The Constitution and the Physical Plant, Understanding Section 1983 Lawsuits, How the Courts Evaluate Claims: The Balancing Test, The First Amendment, The Fourth Amendment, The Eighth Amendment: Overview, The Eighth Amendment: Use of Force, The Eighth Amendment: Medical Care, The Eighth Amendment: Conditions of Confinement, The Fourteenth Amendment, Consent Decrees, Some Final Thoughts, Glossary, and Some Final Cases.

* Among Federal inmates, 27 died from AIDS-related causes in 2005, up from 18 in 2004.

09/15 Press release | Acrobat file (152K) | ASCII file (28K) | Spreadsheets (zip format 22K)."Dilemmas in the Care of the HIV-Infected Incarcerated Individual," by David Alain Wohl, MD* Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of North Carolina, Co-Director of HIV Services for the North Carolina Department of Corrections, Infectious Diseases in Corrections Report (formerly HEPP Report), sponsored by the Brown Medical School, Rhode Island, Office of Continuing Medical Education. AIDS and HIV: "HIV in Prisons, 2001." Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Published by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild. Provides the number of HIV-infection and confirmed AIDS cases among State and Federal prisoners at yearend 2005.

This annual bulletin reports the number of AIDS-related deaths in prisons, a profile of those inmates who died, the number of female and male prisoners who were HIV-infected or had confirmed AIDS, and a comparison of confirmed AIDS rates for the general and prisoner populations.

Publications: Library Services for Incarcerated Spanish Speakers.

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