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Their website is: ▪ You can also make a complaint to the NSW office of Fair Trading.

So if you are dating someone who is considered a child, possessing sexual material of your girlfriend/boyfriend is still a crime.

Publishing an image of someone doing something private could also be considered defamation.

In Australia, the law of trespass prevents people from entering your property without your permission.

So if someone has taken a photo of you while on your property, you may be able to take legal action against them for trespass to prevent the photos from being used or published.

The law There are no specific laws within Australia preventing someone taking your photo or video in a public place and then posting it online (unless the photo or video shows you doing something private – see below).

Steps to take▪ Ask the person who is distributing your photo to take it down.

In addition, distributing illicit photos of others, even just as a joke, can be a very serious crime in Australia.

An unauthorised use of your image happens when someone takes a photo or video of you and distributes it without your permission.

For a more detailed description of the laws relevant to sharing sexual photos of someone please see our Sexting page.

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