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In 1942, Jordan had started on an unparalleled run of success on the Billboard Harlem Hit Parade (forerunner of the R&B chart), which by 1945 had included four number-one hits, and eventually made Jordan by far the most successful R&B chart act of the 1940s.

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The Murdich Minnow, as tied here, is one that should be with you on your next outing.

As a bonus you'll see an innovative use of a new material and a great new fly tying adhesive, all in this video!

James Brown recorded it in 1964 as his first release for Smash Records.

Featuring an arrangement by Sammy Lowe, it reached number 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It's a pattern you'll want to fish, if only because of its charming colors and lovely lines. Art Flick had a huge influence on the sport of fly fishing as it is practiced in North America.

He created the Black-Nosed Dace to imitate a minnow common to the trout streams of New York, and in the process created an incredibly productive and elegant bucktail.

Two materials (one of which you'll find at a craft shop for pennies per yard), one hook, one original idea and you might just end up with an amazing pattern.

Shannon's Streamer, a fly fishers take on the Yamamoto Senko. An adaptation of Dan Blanton's wonderfully productive striper fly makes for an outstanding bass streamer.

Every month he pushes the envelope in his Fly Tyer Magazine column.

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