Gibson mandolin serial number dating

Great guitars and solid deals can be found on e Bay - if you know what it is you are buying.

This guide is intended to assist you in making more informed decisions when contemplating buying a Yamaha Acoustic guitar.

The charts below are excerpts from our Registry database of documented Epiphone guitars, mandolins and amplifiers of the c.1928–1956 era (pre-Gibson).

I don t do electric, and I wouldn t know a classical if it were to jump up and bite me.

Nor do I claim to be an expert in the FG series; Yamaha s own support staff can t even make that claim. I buy and sell Yamaha s as a hobby and have learned, more often than not, the hard way.

What Drives Relative Value: There are several tangible factors in determining worth: age of the instrument, quality of the construction, suggested manufacturer s retail price when new, condition of the instrument, number produced, and number surviving rarity.

And, there is one huge intangible factor - personal preference.

By rough count, Yamaha produced no less than 770 different models - it is impossible for me to tell you specific information on each and every Yamaha out there.

My own personal area of expertise is in the mass-produced steel stringed folk guitars the FG series and their predecessors and successors.

and will return some limited information, most notably years of manufacture, and manufacturer s suggested retail price. But I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information they give back.

The second useful link is a multi-page informational brochure produced by Yamaha in thier downloadable Product Catalogs section. Thay have very little information on the guitars Yamaha produced in Japan, for Japan, prior to export.

I ll give you some tips, tricks, and advice, point you in the right direction s for you to do your homework, and provide you with some generic information about Yamaha Acoustic guitars.

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