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She also raised the future king, Henry VI (1422 -1461) there.In 1445, Henry VI married Margaret of Anjou, granting her the castle.During this time, the castle’s fabric would deteriorate, though it was repaired on several occasions.

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Henry IV (1399 -1413) would visit the castle at numerous times between 1406 – 1413.

Henry V (1413 – 1422) with his wife, Catherine deep Valois, went on to visit the castle in 1421, and it was at Hertford Castle that Catherine would go on to make her home following her husband’s death in 1422.

Edward I (1272 -1307) gave the castle to his second wife, Margaret.

During the reign of Edward II (1307 – 1327), in 1308, six knights Templar were held at the castle as political prisoners.

During the First Barons War (1215 – 1217) the castle was besieged by the forces of Prince Louis of France, who had invaded England on the invitation the rebel barons.

After a month under siege, the castle’s governor, After the war was over and the French had left, the castle’s use as a fortress became secondary and it was used as a royal residence.The castle itself was constructed on the orders Peter de Valoignes, High Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire.Its design was of the typical motte and Bailey design and was constructed soon after the Norman invasion of 1066 to provide part of a ring of castles the were constructed to defend London.Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603) would also stay at the castle during her reign, including once for 16 days in 1561.From the reign of James I (1603 – 1625), the castle would cease to be a royal residence.During the reign of Richard III (1483 – 1485), the castle was granted to the Duke of Buckingham.

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