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This home spun series was never intended to rival the big budget studios of Disney or Warner Brothers but boy does it deliver for my three year old twins!

Having been won over by the pair's blossoming friendship as they move through the live rounds, fans have been taking to social media to beg the two teens to give things a shot.

Holly, who is in Sharon Osbourne's Girls category, and Sean, one half of the Price Brothers group, have struck up a firm and cute friendship since meeting during the live shows.

“It’s serious enough that neither of us are seeing anybody else,” she told me.

“We kept it out of the public spotlight because we had no reason to flaunt it and get caught up in a media circus.” Holly and pop punk rocker Jack Barakat posed together at Lavo in the Palazzo and Tao in The Venetian when the platinum blond reality TV star had her first advance celebration last week of her 31st birthday, which is Dec. Vegas De had hinted about the romance when Jack, who is the vocalist and guitarist for All Time Low, joined Holly on her Florida vacation in September.

I shouldn't have been watching it's not made for a 40 year old Mom like me but I couldn't give up on this charming tale of Christmas nonsense.

I love the fact that Santa stops off for a Christmas drink at an old English pub after he's finished delivering presents – actually, maybe this film does have a message for moms and dads after all :) Jack and Holly's Christmas Countdown - A UK independent eccentric production is out on Amazon TV now.Story overview: Jack and Holly are camping with their parents.After sneaking out to take a look at the brilliant night sky Jack's probing questions turn to imaginative stories which takes the viewer on a journey through the solar system and beyond.Jack and Holly take pre-schoolers and first stage learners on a cosmic adventures as they travel across time and space to unravel some of the oldest mysteries of the universe.Divided into seven interlinked stories Jack, Holly and a bunch of crazy characters find themselves in all sorts of interglactic trouble.Not that a celebrity sex tape is such a big deal for someone that's been attached to Hugh Hefner, but there just seems to be a weird flurry of activity attached to all the celeb sex tapes that's unlike any other celeb scandals.

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