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(See all the data here) In addition, 18 former lawmakers also swung through the revolving… Administrations often release promised documents once journalists have left the office for the weekend, hoping that any damaging info would get lost in the news cycle turnover. | The Trump International Hotel in Washington may have raked in the profits during the inauguration festivities — and ever since, come to think of it.

| The Trump presidency is less than five months old, but has been a quick study at one longstanding D. But for most in the lodging and tourism industry, high season is just gearing up.

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On May 31st, the administration disclosed that it has issued 14 waivers — more than four times the amount Barack Obama granted during his first…

| The original 23 contenders on the ballot to fill California’s 34th district seat in the House have dwindled to two.

The book, “Cop Under Fire,” was written by Milwaukee County Sheriff and Trump campaign supporter David Clarke, Jr., who had pinned a link to the book’s Amazon page on his…

| Note: Since some lobbyists file after the quarterly deadline, visit our lobbying summary for the most recent data.

| Remember when we told you super PACs are already gearing up for 2018, and even in some cases 2020?

Looks like a potential challenger to President Donald Trump is also stocking a warchest more than three years in advance: former Vice President Joe Biden.| Qatar has hired seven American lobbying firms and spent nearly million on U. lobbying and media campaigns in an effort to fight its isolation by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, and others in June.The Saudi-led coalition began its economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar on June 5 after the country’s…| Conservative groups have done their best to corner the market on tax messaging based on pure volume and size of expenditures, but liberal groups too have asserted themselves since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s enactment last year. | President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee raised a record 7 million with the help of wealthy benefactors but also through donations from more than 200 corporations and anonymous LLCs, some of which held government contracts. corporations, including Apple, General Motors and Amazon, penned a letter to Congress this month, seeking “permanent bipartisan” legislation that would protect DACA recipients from deportation.| President Donald Trump’s inauguration broke records – not in turnout, but in inaugural donations.

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