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they played well from the very beginning of the season. take a turn and go to washington and the white house privacy rights dwrup rights people say it's scary who will have access to the information that people put in and tough enough safe guards are in place. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health.

i am a yankee fan but you had to feel them good talking about all of what boston has been through and now they bring home the world championship. this basically is a massive system that's pushing its way in, so is the map.

massive thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, it is really a mess there. as we go to the radar, here's what we've got to show you.

He is so crazy, he never realized I loved him so much and it took him two years” she laughed. Her last sentence was ringing in his ears- How can someone not realize that some person is in love with him/her? A spontaneous call had defeated his planning and expensive gifts. He loved her so much that everything was about her happiness. He knew he has to live with those memories for the rest of his life.

18 hours had passed, more than half the journey was over. Everything was planned, and I think that was the problem. He checked his pocket for the umpteenth time to check for his gift. She hugged him and he was taken aback by this sudden gesture. He was about to live his dream.“He proposed…he did it…. “He called today, and told how much he loved me and asked if I loved him too. I was waiting for this moment for the past 2 years. He took it out, once he was away from her sight, threw it in a bin, and continued walking. They moved her luggage to the door and decided to stay there because of the rush. The last 4 years were flashing in front of his eyes, all those moments of fun, frolic and friendship.

and louisiana, some areas are going to pick up a foot of rain over the next 24 hours. take a look this is boyelston street chanting boston strong for this red sox team that went from worst to first from last season to this season. three neighbors came out to help that man, they were also hurt. as a result all of that sun coming in so early, temperatures are going to be warm. here very red north toward broadway and sfo through redwood city. some people in the crowd already getting in the spirit. we'll have part one of our interview and he will join us live in our studio coming up on monday morning. the bandage on her face is the only visible evidence when officer ann took two bullets at point blank range and then without missing a beat, hunted down the gunmen. reporter: as the car sped off, she fired back, shooting out the rear window. reporter: police are looking for the other two men in the car. during the day today, it makes its way across the great lakes and see the wind flow starting to increase into tomorrow morning and, so, we are going to have really big problems as far as air travel is concerned.

so, this is going to be a widespread system, a long-lasting system right on into tomorrow morning. we urge people to be careful, no question about it. a season with far more at stake than just baseball. finally got the gang together: maple brown sugar, strawberry, blueberry. police got to the scene quickly and say they were forced to shoot one of those dogs, that dog later ended up dying. as you can see here looking really good to start the day. 78 in livermore, 72 santa teresa, 75 in gilroy and 70 straight up in san francisco. let's begin this half hour reporter: hi, matt, talk about true grit, a 40-year-old mother of two who at in the morning wasn't about it let the suspeck that shot her get away. bleeding and in pain, she got back in her squad car and made the decision to go after them. really from upstate new york all the way to minneapolis, chicago, cleveland. we do have the slight risk today stretching from ohio down into the gulf coast for today and then tonight for the trick or treaters from candytown, ohio, we have rain, we have treat, arkansas, clear skies and a few snow showers in spook city, .

as you might imagine, a lot of tired folks dragging themselves back to work and school this morning. today party, tomorrow party and then a big parade on saturday wrapping up an unforgettable season. both dispatch records and eyewitness reports show that only about ten seconds passed meantime, hundreds of people take to the streets of santa rosa again chanting andy over and over. last week a deputy as we pointed out mistook the boy's replica gun for an ak-47 and shot lopez seven times. christina loren says perfect for getting all of the candy you can.

a lot of analysts who picked them to finish third or fourth in their division. those marching believe the shooting was unnecessary and hope to make a change.

we have a frontal system that stretches from there down all the way into the systems behind it. soldiers by bringing futuristic technology to the battledful.

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