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When you don’t live close to a coastline or a major body of water, seeing the waves when you visit is exciting.But there are times when the waves turn into churning monsters of nature that attack man-made objects like lighthouses.

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Foam monster attacking the public.” Photo #28 by mallix Forget lighthouses, this time the killer waves are attacking homes!

Old Lyme, Connecticut in 1954 – Hurricane Carol destroyed hundreds of summer cottages and homes Huge waves bound into beach front homes.

Maple Syrup Festival in Vermontville For many rural places in Michigan, local weekend festivals are celebrations of small-town life, an occasion for a town to trumpet its distinctiveness and to advertise itself to the rest of the state.

The annual Maple Syrup Festival in mid-state Vermontville is the quintessential small-town event.

I managed to carefully negotiate the path and make it out to the outer light.

In hindsight, I’m lucky I didn’t go for an unexpected winter swim.” Photo #6 by Tom Gill Ice Drapery: Ice formed on the St.

Michigan is the home of many splendid things — we know it, because we live here.

Beautiful scenery, majestic lakes, fabulous food, quirky locales and hidden gems just barely scratch the surface of what Michigan has to offer.

Some of the breaks were reaching 40′ tall.” Photo #2 by © Luke Hertzfeld Blizzard Rams New England. Kevin Cole, chief photographer at The Boston Herald American, is stuck in Plymouth, Mass. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Determined to cover the storm, Cole heads for the Hyannis airport. The pilot tells Cole, “We can’t stay out here any longer.’ Just as he started to turn, I saw a huge wave.

1978 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Staff Photographers of Boston Herald American. A blizzard has rammed New England, shutting down roads, businesses and schools. That’s when I got that shot, and that’s the same time I threw up.”Other Herald American photographers fan out around the region, photographing the blizzard’s destruction: Villages buried in freezing flood waters, commuters trapped in snow-covered cars.

Photo #23 by Tom Gill Okay, not waves attacking in a power struggle against man-made lighthouses, but this shot was creepy cool.

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