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So the family piled onto the bus, squashing into seats with a dozen others.It was an enormous relief just to sit down and close her eyes. As the bus rolled through the predawn darkness, carrying the family south of the city, Tania began to suspect they were headed for Syria. She looked out the window and saw graffiti on a wall.She began reading the Quran closely, taking it to heart.

“If I snuck out with bare arms, Bengali men would say, ‘Don’t you have any shame? Tania never felt close to her father; she described him as verbally abusive. In primary school, she had a mix of middle-class and working-class friends but faced slurs from bullies, who called her “darkie” and “Paki.” She refused to back down, talking right back to them.

When Tania was around seven years old, her father was laid off and started working odd jobs, but he couldn’t hold on to any of them, sending the family into debt. And she had to have surgery on a bone that was growing oddly, jutting out of her leg.

Her husband, a convert to Islam, was a Texan, from Plano.

Tania, who had been raised outside of London, had been married to him for ten years.

” Sometimes, they’d use the roof of the family’s car as a toilet.

“I remember being five years old and wanting to run away,” she said.“Families have babies after babies, hoping for a boy.” She recalled how people would meet her father and sympathize, saying, “Four daughters, I’m so sorry.” He would shake his head and sigh, “I know, I know.” Her family never had much money but managed to make a go of it.Her father worked for an airline, while her mother ran a small catering business.The family home was affordable because of its location, right next to a halfway house.The ex-cons weren’t too thrilled about their nonwhite neighbors. Assuming the family was Pakistani, they would yell, “Pakis, go home!Her mother began taking in foster children to help pay the bills while also trying to raise her own kids, an overwhelming task that left her exhausted and depressed.

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