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Having been home Chumash communities such as Kayɨwɨš, Sap’wi, Satwiwa, Lalimanux and others, Thousand Oaks has an incredibly rich Native-American history. For more local history, visit the Stagecoach Inn to learn more about the founder of Newbury Park, Egbert S. Having moved to the Conejo Valley from Michigan in the 1870’s, E. Newbury only lived in the area for a few years before a terrible drought forced him and others to move away from the valley.With its history dating back to the 1870’s when it was functioning as a hotel (the Grand Union Hotel), the Stagecoach Inn is a great location to learn more about the city’s intriguing history.

With your chance of being a victim of a violent crime being only 1 in 944, the equivalent number for Los Angeles residents is 1 in every 158th resident.

Of Ventura County’s 31 homicides in 2016, none took place in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park nor Westlake Village.

Let us present why we would indeed call Thousand Oaks the Best Place to Live in America!

While many may not realize it, the Conejo Valley has a human history that dates back as much as 13,000 years!

This is the place where you can be in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, and at the same time, just an hour drive from one of the world’s biggest cities!

Whether you are into beaching or shopping, big cities or small cities, fine dining or picnicking — you are no longer than maximum an hour away from it all.

Many LA and LAX sedan and limousine clients have recognized Wildwood from various Hollywood movies and TV-series including (1946) and many, many more Hollywood-productions.

Besides Wildwood, nearly 1,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are located within southern Newbury Park, with hiking trails leading to Malibu and various other places.

While Newbury is considered the founder of Newbury Park, few may know that his house actually was located where the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza is located today.

When the Washington Post in 2015 named Ventura County “the most desirable place to live in America”, one of the main reasons mentioned was its many vast protected nature areas.

The Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center, built on the lands of a former Chumash village in southern Newbury Park, is another place to experience Chumash culture in today’s Thousand Oaks.

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