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“These results indicate to us that chimps have a capacity for and artificial intelligence,” Spiteri added.

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The researchers taught a lone chimpanzee from one group one technique for obtaining food from a complex , such as stabbing food with a tool.

They next taught one chimp from another group a different technique for extracting food from the same gadget, such as pushing it out down a ramp.

Dr Martin Balluch, an animal rights campaigner who instructed lawyers to file for guardianship for Ms Stibbe, said: “ We argue that chimps are part of the same genus as humans and that they also incorporate all the characteristics to justify personhood, in that they recognise and anticipate the rights and needs of other individuals.” The court will make a decision on how to proceed once documents on Matthew’s background are provided.

A move to have the case thrown out failed after expert testimony running to dozens of pages seemed to back Matthew’s rights to human status. Chimps can’t speak, but parrots can – should they have rights too?

He and another chimpanzee, called Rosie, share a room at an animal shelter in Voesendorf, south of Vienna.

They were seized by customs officers and given to the sanctuary after being imported by a pharmaceuticals company, which wanted to use them for HIV research.

Debates about altruism are often based on the assumption that it is either unique to humans or else the human version differs from that of other animals in important ways.

Thus, only humans are supposed to act on behalf of others, even toward genetically unrelated individuals, without personal gain, at a cost to themselves.

A number of these chimpanzee groups are next-door neighbors within eyeshot of each other, and researchers found traditions proved catching, with foraging practices spreading from one group to another, findings detailed in the June 19 issue of the journal Current Biology.

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