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But this bottle has a spicy yet sweet tobacco note that lasts so long you don't have time for the generic vanilla drydown than many compare to a candle.

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After 30 minutes once that superb tobacco note fizzles away into sweet, sweet vanilla bliss for never ending hours on end, you're left with an incredibly linear, incredibly strong albeit a really good one, vanilla perfume for Men. I get a beautiful, thick vanilla with some chocolate-like tobacco. Perfectly unisex 8/10 The opening, for me, is a VERY heavy, sweet tobacco. I am still training my nose though, and it's been a while since I've worn it, so I might edit this later.

There's still a slightly noticeable tobacco note but let's face it, Tobacco Vanille is all about very sweet and cookie like vanilla, it smells pretty dang good though, 'if' you're a lover of the vanilla. I also get a touch of cinnamon or some other spice, but for the most part you will get a lovely vanilla pipe tobacco. It's got pretty decent longevity, and I'm not sure about the sillage.

Then the vanilla settles a tad, but still has that front seat, and to my nose, you get a wonderful blend of a makeshift Tobacco Vanille. The tobacco does feel a tad toned down compared to TFTV, but you know it is there.

As someone who wanted to buy Tobacco Vanille...maybe now I don't need to. The odds of someone owning full bottles of those two (or possibly all three...) is probably slim in my eyes but if you are someone that does, give it a go, and see how it holds up against the original blend.

It's a shame that it doesn't garner more compliments on my skin, but I don't care because I feel like a King whenever I wear's certainly not a fragrance for Clowns and Court Jesters. Not a review, just reporting on some feedback I received today while wearing TFTV.

Was asked by a guy if I was wearing CK Obsession, needless to say I was a tad surprised as I’d never really thought the 2 frags were anything alike.

This is the first Tom Ford I absolutely fell in love with.

I struggled with my first few Tom Ford purchases but I knew I had something special when I smelled this.

It lingers deliciously, the bitter playing beautifully alongside the sweet.

I picture a cozy bar where 2 old friends are sipping the smoothest of whiskey and reminiscing of days gone by....

Having said the aforementioned, I don't wear it all that often for a few reasons.

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