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True to the spirit of peer support, the credential does not mean a peer is a clinician.It emphasizes and expects that all duties reflect the principles, guidelines, and core values of peer support.

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In Norway, the government controls certain key aspects of the national economy, and they also have one of the best welfare systems in the world, with Norway having one of the highest standards of living in all of Europe. Ireland has arguably one of the best welfare systems in the world, with unemployment checks higher on average than Denmark or Switzerland’s average.

Around 25 percent of Ireland’s GDP goes towards paying for the welfare system, as compared to 15 percent of America’ GDP towards America’s social support programs.

Below, you will see some of the most socialistic nations in the world today: Despite popular myths, there is very little connection between economic performance and welfare expenditure.

Many of the countries on this list are proof of that, such as Denmark and Finland.

Life in China remains relatively less stressful and more relaxed than life in capitalist countries like America.

Denmark has a wide range of welfare benefits that they offer their citizens.

Small businesses thrive, with over 70 percent of companies having 50 employees or less.

Finland has one of the world’s best education systems, with no tuition fees and also giving free meals to their students. Finland has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Canadians remain more open-minded and liberal than Americans, and Canada is ranked as one of the best top five countries to live in by the United Nations and the Human Development Index (HDI) rankings.

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