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However, aggressively pursuing him can sometimes be the wrong thing to do, as Shirley's situation demonstrates. There are some subtle actions a woman can take on a psychic level to nudge a man in her direction.

We have the power to turn the tables, and he might end up being the one waiting for the phone to ring.

After I shared these psychic activities with Shirley, it took her a little time to master them.

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These activities are extremely powerful ways to communicate psychically with your man.

I had one client tell me that an hour after outlining her guy's heart spots, she received a call from him.

And if he wouldn't talk to her about it, how was she supposed to know what he was thinking? There's no reason to tie yourself up in knots about this," I said soothingly as I shuffled my Tarot deck and began putting cards on the table in front of me. I psychically feel you'll receive a call from him within about ten days. The constant calls, texts, and emails will only keep him away longer." "Ten days before he calls! Grudgingly, Shirley promised me that she would back off and give Bill some time.

That's when she decided a call to her psychic advisor was in order. Before hanging up with me that night, she said that she wished time could fast-forward ten days until Bill called.

Following are four techniques I told Shirley to try in order to make waiting for Bill easier.

The goal of these exercises is to help Shirley get her power back, communicate with Bill on a psychic level, and keep her hands off the phone and computer.

I had been Shirley's psychic advisor for almost six months, and she was normally a cheerful, well-grounded, confident woman. Shirley cried for the first fifteen minutes of the call.

They had the occasional disagreement, like all couples, but they always worked it out.

There was the usual concern that something might have happened to him and he couldn't contact her.

For instance, maybe he'd been so upset after their argument that he got into a car accident on the way home.

She had talked to me about Bill before, and I knew they cared about each other a great deal.

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