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But I don’t want to leave it a few years and have trouble conceiving. So then I think, “Just do it, there’s no good time.”’ Becci, 22, from Hull, has similar worries.

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” There’s no way I can get a permanent job at the moment.’ For working families trying to hang on to their jobs, another child means another childcare bill – an average cost of £167 a week, according to the Daycare Trust’s January 2009 survey.

Nurseries are already reporting a surge in places for younger children: some women are bringing their babies in at three months old instead of six, as pressure to return to work earlier mounts.

She is a stay-at-home mother and, although her husband’s job as a shop manager is not secure, they felt ready for another child.

‘If you weighed up the pros and cons, you’d never have a baby.

She and her partner both work in retail, but Becci now works only when needed, and is concerned that this soon won’t be an option.

‘There are fewer hours available, so I’m getting worried.

But these were babies conceived at the end of the financial boom years: it’s still too early to say how the recession has affected the birth rate.

The overall rate still stands at 1.96 children per woman, and not the 2.1 children required for population replacement.

Lawyers and campaign groups confirm that cases of discrimination are rising sharply as employers, looking for ways to cut jobs and salaries, see pregnant staff and returning mothers as soft targets.

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