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I thought it was a very creative concept that left the door wide open on song choices, a necessity after the limits of the last two week.But several of the song choices don’t seem to match the theme.If the data are insufficient, you will be contacted by your personal elinks hosting manager.

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Well, we know that Kristy Lee Cook’s patriotic song choice gave her a bye this week.

But why wasn’t Ramiele Malubay courting the bottom rung?

Sure the movie doesn’t look it’s going to score high in the originality category with blood being substituted for wine again and more vamps on motorcycles, but it still looks like a fun movie. In addition, word is that Haim will return as Sam, although he is not seen in the trailer.

Besides the movie stars Autumn Reeser who I came to love as the chatty, but insecure Taylor Townsend that eventually wins the heart of Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie) on The O. Recycled plot aside, the film links itself back to the original through character connections.

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When Nicole falls under his spell, Chris turns to the Frog brothers for help.

Although the movie continues to be listed as direct-to-DVD, Feldman said in an interview with MTV that it hasn’t yet been decided whether it will be a theatrical or a DVD release.

But I was disappointed in more than Chikezie’s exit; I was shocked by the entire bottom three.

Only one of my picks made for the in peril spots made the list and he – Jason Castro – was deemed safe right away.

He took some big risks – things that other contestants haven’t even ventured – and done them successfully.

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