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It was great meeting you.” That’ll signal it’s a wrap. Tell her you want to see her again and set up your next date right then and there.If she knocked your socks off, however, walk her to her door, look her directly in the eyes and say, “I had an amazing time with you tonight.” and move in for the perfect nightcap…a quick goodnight kiss. If you’ve followed the 9 female friendly tips above her answer should be an enthusiastic YES. You’ll be impossible to resist with these first-rate 1st date Manhandling tips!

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Men often complain that women are mysterious, complicated creatures who are difficult to please.

In truth, most women are quite easily pleased from date one once you know how to make them feel desired, safe, and inspired.

) You can create positive romantic tension by making plans several days in advance.

This creates the secret ingredient of seductive success…anticipation.

Being vague about your plans will only cause most women needlessly anxiety.

If men had any idea about the major pre-date regime that they go through to prepare for a high priority date, you’d probably be way more on top of this one.

When you call to confirm your first date too late* (after 4pm*) she’ll be irritated and stressed-out even if she doesn’t show it. Confirming by 3pm on D-Day and saying you’re looking forward to seeing her will relax her.

Enthused and thoughtful men will often call women the day before, and the chivalrous man will also alert her to the fact that he’s now en-route, too.

It’s an investment for women to just show up from date one.

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