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They married in 1936 and maintained a home in Provincetown until their deaths (she in 1985, he in 1992). John Ebersberger also teaches at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts and l'Atelier aux Couleurs in California.

At the age of 17 Hensche began to work in the stockyards.

He aspired to work with Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect who was active in Chicago, but several of Hensche's teachers encouraged him to apply to the Art Institute of Chicago.

It is widely believed that Hawthorne "passed the mantle" to Hensche, though this may not be the case.

In fact, several of Hawthorne's students started schools of their own. Hawthorne wanted $500.00 for the name of the school and Hensche was either unable or unwilling to pay that much.

His mother is thought to have died before he was two, although this is not verified.

She was either unable (deceased) or unwilling to travel to America with the family.He was elected a member of the Royal Scottish Academy (1902) and an associate of the Royal Academy."The Black Hat", a luminous portrait of a supremely confident Edwardian woman, was recently included in Modern Britain, an exhibition at Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria.Hensche's work as both a painter and teacher was to advance the ideals of color as the basis for painting; as opposed to tonal painting.He was most interested in creating visual poetry in the tradition of the Claude Monet, while advancing that art movement; the true progression of art in Hensche's eyes.Hensche was at times a vocal dissident of the many art movements of the 20th Century.

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