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That night it was raining gnomes over Orgrimmar, it is something they will remember, those few that were aroun. And with connection to all major cities of the world, by sea! Let the under water areas be swarmed by elites, so that no player character could ever go there again, and by that make a new mythology! Remake the world in a way that will make it feel like one world and not 10!

Sorry, but that is one of the main reasone why I left WOW, just like I left AOC after a few days.

And I treid to post in this topic: If u could would make your own mount, what would it be? Winzy is most likely taking up too much space on this company's servers, so when(if) I decide to return to Azeroth, I will get the message: "Thanks for subscribing again.

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Her ser dere min opprinnelige post på forumet til The Gnomish Rescue Squad på serveren Argent Dawn. I mean they messed up world, that makes no sense anymore because it is fragmented and out of time.

In Mount hyjal, Winzy was together with 2(or was it 3? And this comes from a person that has never been very fond of skilltrees, but a person that has been very fond of diversity and fredom of choice.21. I will not return to WOW unless they make Winzy able to point her finger while striding.

) NPCs that killed Ragnaros together with her...makes no sense at all, even less sense than Winzy breathing submerged in the ocean. And the cheebouncing is gone, now it is only bouncing, and that is what elves do! Worgen should only be in animal shape when in battle, among other people they should look human.

Skip all seasonal events, or create something creative that stems from WOW lore, not from RL.

I really dislike those RL references, and especially the meaningless grind related to them, even if dresses is the final reward.15.

For me, an MMORPG is about feeling that my character is living in a huge open world.7.

Make cross-connected portals in all capitols, so that you can be located to the capitol where you feel your character belongs.

Like getting a gorilla pup from Northrend if you had never worked for the Frenzyhearts. The guild achievements have a total and utter lack of creativity, I am soooo disappointed! Onyxia should be killed at lvl 60, not lvl 80, and the reintroduction of Onyxia as a ll 80 boss was just a very sad sign of lacking imgination...bleh! I think Blizzard have destroyed WOW because they are greedy.

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