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Often people aren’t engaged in stories because they haven’t had the right context.”Non-subscribers visiting now get a score, based on dozens of signals, that indicates how likely they’ll be to subscribe.

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Readers are still there, the line of argument tends to go — what would be the point of leaving?

News companies aren’t going to leave en masse, so an individual news organization leaving won’t put a dent in the giant platform’s power.

“That was very exciting to find out.” Most people on TV Midtvest’s team were not particularly eager to get back to Facebook when the two weeks were up.

“What we took away was that we can easily live without Facebook,” Nikolajeva said.

“We’re asking ourselves, okay, why am I sharing this post? Nikolajeva had also been concerned that people wouldn’t be able to find its breaking news during the Facebook fast, but they did, she said.

What am I getting out of it, am I doing it mindlessly? Traffic, meanwhile, has been up and down; the site is getting about 10 percent more users than it did during the experiment.Don’t expect to be informed by platforms that are beyond our control.We are trusting our readers that they will understand that, that we can have a dialogue with them about it.” .Retrieved February 25, 2018, from Chicago Owen, Laura Hazard."This TV station took a “marvelous” Facebook fast — and thinks other media companies should too." “For us, this is a way to let people read and ask questions at their own pace, instead of having them read through long screens of text.(Worth noting: TV Midtvest is a public television station predominantly funded by television licensing fees, so it’s not very reliant on advertising.) The Facebook fast was an open experiment; TV Midtvest warned readers and viewers that it was coming, and tapped four ordinary Danes, including a 19-year-old student, to take a two-week Facebook break at the same time.

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