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Some days the pressure of launching into the unknown, with a large family to support, could feel nearly overwhelming.But “pressure can cause great things to happen,” Soran says.This dance is taught in many schools across Japan as part of the curriculum. ) Nishin Kita ka to Kamome ni toeba CHORUS (AKA - kakegoe) Yasa e en ya sa dokkoisho (a dokkoisho, dokkoisho! Oyaji tairyō da mukashi to chigau toreta nishin wa ore no mono choi Yāren sōran...

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Soran started out as a middle-school math teacher, but “didn’t see myself teaching the same algebra class for 30 years.” On a whim, he cold-called the local IBM office about a job.

He underwent IBM’s rigorous one-year training and was soon on its fast track.

Tama no suhada ga shibuki ni nurerya uwaki kamome ga mite sawagu choi Rough English Translation: Oh!!!

Boss, I tell you, the size of this catch of herring is different from all the others.

Besides, “I had always wanted to do my own thing,” he recalls.

Soran first went to work for Prodea Software, a small company whose CEO “let me learn about raising money, which became a very valuable skill for me.” He soon put that skill to work.

Taking place in Odori Park, Sapporo, this team dance event has been a fixture of the Hokkaido summer event calendar since 1992.

Yosakoi is a form of team-based dancing that originated in the 1950s as a modern form of the older awa odori.

“There are a lot of ‘negative aggressive’ business models out there,” Soran notes. As cofounder of XIOtech and Compellent, Soran helped launched two of the most successful digital data storage companies in the country—and in a state that doesn’t have the tech cachet of Silicon Valley or greater Boston.

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