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We profile ALL the great Impressionist painters and ALL Post-Impressionist painters like Georges Seurat, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Munch.

His father was a soldier under Lord Simcoe and the family resided in the garrison town of York, now Toronto.

Kane's early interest in painting was encouraged by his first employer, William Conger, a furniture decorator, and he also received lessons from the art master at Upper Canada College. His wanderlust and adventurous spirit took him to Detroit in 1836, from where he hoped to accompany two Americans, Waugh and Bowman, to Rome.

For answers to these and other questions see: Definition and Meaning of Art.

For a guide to sacred artworks in general, see: Religious art.

From 450 CE, we cover the mosaics and religious icons of the Byzantine era, followed by the courtly revivals of the Carolingian and Ottonian dynasties.

We also take a close look at Pre-Columbian Art (c.1200 BCE - 1535 CE).

We provide biographies of ALL major 19th century painters including: masters from the French Barbizon Landscape School, like Corot, Theodore Rousseau, Millet and Daubigny, as well as American painters of the Hudson River School (Thomas Cole, Frederic Church), and exponents of Luminism.

Realists like Daumier and Courbet, and Symbolists like Gustave Moreau, are also covered.

Beginning with Mesopotamian art (c.4500 BCE onwards), it includes the sculpture and frescos of Classical Antiquity, notably those of Greek art and Roman art.

For the history of Asian art and culture, see Chinese Art Timeline (c.18,000 BCE - present).

We explain the meaning of styles like 'realism' and 'naturalism' in painting.

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