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but I’m pretty skeptical that that’s the issue here.

And I don’t think you’re necessarily choosing the wrong jobs.

And, something that is probably working in the background is that a real passion for me is creative writing.

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This pattern repeats itself across entry-level jobs, management jobs, etc.

I am now debating going from a management job to a high-level individual contributor (been in current job for 2.5 years), but am not sure it is for the right reasons other than the bright and shiny.

It actually might be hard to keep up that level of passion — and time investment — if your job was competing with it.) If you bristle at the idea that it should be enough for work to provide you with a reasonably comfortable livelihood without also providing deep fulfillment and constant challenge, it could be useful to explore why.

What are the ideas you have about work that make that feel wrong to you?

It sounds like like you’re just getting bored very quickly, and that that’s likely to happen regardless of the type of job you choose.

There aren’t a ton of jobs out there where you will be taking in enormous amounts of new information all the time, for years.

I took that to heart and read some Brene Brown books and I’ve been working on that.

I’m not privy to the conversations that you had with your life coach that made her conclude that you need to be more vulnerable at work and reveal your true self …

She also serves as a mentor to Eyal Mayer (Class 21).

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