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At 34 years old, he took a substantial step towards breaking through the milestone. Dan and I returned to the Sarasota show on Saturday with a positive attitude hoping for decent sales.

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On a further positive note, online sales were strong on Saturday to members of the GFRC community.

The next GFRC event will be the Whitman Baltimore show and it will be great to be back at a venue with serious collectors.

They could not understand why we would not sell at the number on this piece of paper. On a positive note, the security staff was amazing.

During the overnight, a U-haul rental van was parked directly in front of the Sarasota auditorium doors to block access.

They must continually expand the number of coins being graded or must raise fees per coin if volume is dropping. But for the core United States market, there are near term approaches to maintain revenue; plus grades, variety attribution, special labels, crossover special events and of course gradeflation.

Over time, most coins worthy of a straight grade are indeed graded. Eventually, all of the marketed special services play out and the TPG still faces the uneventable challenge...a shrinking number of coins to grade.

As is usually the case for our company due to the seasonality of the business, the second quarter proved to be a slower one overall.

Service revenues in the second quarter were down year-over-year to .1 million from .8 million, a 21% decline from a year ago. coin business experienced a slowdown in each major segment.

Chikae captured a brief video of Matt at this point and the pain was clear on his face.

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