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Deep down, these two have an unspoken tension that needs settling.

Perhaps a nice seafood dinner would do them some good."The three things I fear most in golf are lightning, Ben Hogan and a downhill putt."—Sam Snead While Ben Hogan was overshadowed by his legendary rival in tournament wins (82 to 61), it was his four U. Open victories and Snead's failure to win any that made him the prominent star.

They were so struck with talent that their bodies couldn't handle the pressure any longer.

More than just a local Michigan rivalry, these Division III basketball programs have quietly sustained quite the competition.

Let's take look at the 100 most heated rivalries in sports history. The early part of the 21st century saw this rivalry reach its prime, as the Penguins were finally prospering and had defeated the Flyers in the Two of the best punch artists in the world, one a loudmouthed talker with a stacked, untouchable resume and the other a humble star quietly cementing his name in the record books.

While these two have yet to meet, their hate for each other has been made quite obvious, be it through interviews, tweets or rumors.

Before the first meeting between these two legendary fighters, Sugar Ray Leonard (named boxer of the decade for the '80s) had never lost and was almost eliminated in the second round by a truculent Roberto Duran.

Duran would win by decision in 15 rounds, with the two set to meet again only months later.Flooded with world-class athletic talents, high-flying personalities and ruthless competitors, the sports world naturally features plenty of personal and team competitions amid the search for greatness.Rivalries have always exhilarated fans and sent journalists into frenzies, but never cease to create worldwide disdain.Ah, the sweetness of sports—the truth behind fanbase passion. It's known as the Battle of Pennsylvania, a passionate and competitive hatred between two Atlantic division teams, both yearning for their state's spotlight.Whether two teams are scratching for that extra bit of respect, two nations are clawing for supremacy or two legends are fighting for a deeper carving in sports lore, these illustrious rivalries shadow our sports passion with their memorable matches. But while the teams began facing off in 1967, the rivalry truly picked up steam with the arrival of Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr in the '80s.For those who don't believe in karma, all we must do is look back to the 200-meter Olympic qualifying event in 2000 for proof.

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