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We were able to process our big overwhelming feelings with each other.

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Wiseman grew up with the show on her periphery.] growing up.

I have an uncle who is very devoted, he reads all the softcover novels and all of that.

Neither had any idea the other was cast in until it was announced by CBS, but once reunited, their shared experience has become a defining one.

Chieffo said they were able to decompress about their shared experience at school and grow closer as a result."It really has got us together in a such a beautiful new way... Webb, I played her mom, in , we played sisters…I think what's cool is there's a sisterly, motherly thing on both sides," Chieffo said.

So, I had this sense…It wasn't until we did the Las Vegas convention this summer that I really started to realize how global it is.

And then as the show has aired—you can't quite comprehend it," Chieffo said with a laugh.

And then because it's such a specific experience with this, with the fandom, with the franchise, and being able to—it's great to be able to text someone and be like, ‘My outfit [for an event] looks terrible! "I think we're able to take care of each other at the right time, like when the other person needs it.

All of that, which had kind of happened in small moments at school, has just happened more and more here.""To get to do something so big and so new with someone who was a friend and someone who I feel like I knew so well, it was just a gift," Wiseman said.

Which certainly answers the question, “Why does this dude act like he hates are you still wearing your Mirrorverse wig? Some of this week’s best scenes are, unsurprisingly, between Georgiou and Burnham — Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green have fantastic chemistry, and it’s powerful to watch them reunite under such tense, unsatisfying circumstances — but they’re both rushed through a number of plot points in order to arrive at the episode’s big reveal, which is a shame!

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