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♦ You can check your SWGEmu game client for errors by pressing the Full Scan button.

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Install the SWG game client onto your computer following the installation wizard instructions (default location is usually C:\Program Files\Star Wars Galaxies).

Look of the Setup wizard may vary, but installation process is still the same.

(Those that still use n Vidia 8800GT/GTX, 9600GT/GTX and 9800GT/GTX video cards please remember to change your Vertex/Pixel Shader Version to 1.4) You can also select to play in windowed mode. There are also few other useful options and optimizations you can use or change in there, they can decrease your loading times and speed up your game client a bit. ♦ News button will open a window at the bottom of the laucher which will enable you to logon and browse our forums from there.

♦ You can check our Server Status ♦ And update it by simply pressing a button ♦ In some cases characters get bugged and it is necessary to delete your Profiles folder, you can do it by clicking on a "Delete game Profiles" button.

linux: Launchpa..._x86_64gz You need the qt 5.1.1 libs for gcc, download them from: downloaded and now it is time to install SWGEmu Launchpad. PLEASE NOTE: SWGEMu Launchpad requires Visual C 2010 to be installed.

Most new operating sytems already have it instilled, but if you get a: "This program can't start because MSVCP 100is missing from your computer.

Once everything is installed and scanned, SWGEmu Launchpad will run Game settings.

First thing you have to do is select a desired game screen resolution.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that your UI settings, Macros and Notes are stored in your Profiles folder so it would be wise to back them up before attempting to delete it.

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