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Gray in finding selections for her." However, "A refund will not be given..."Gray says she's disappointed and could have spent her ,800 doing something else"I thought, 'Hey, this is a slam dunk, you know, I’m going to be rolling. I mean, I have gotten not one profile that really fits the criteria that I was looking for," Gray said.Phoenix Singles sent 3 On Your Side emails that included the following two statements: Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 PM“Member may rescind outlines the buyer’s right to a refund/cancellation and gives specific instructions regarding the cancellation protocol, which is in accordance with Arizona State Law.Check out our monthly calendar on our website and in the Club boxes at the Sonoran Plaza.

A refund will not be given due to the contract she signed.

We have provided the service that was promised in the contract.

I paid $3,795 for the service but initially, it would have been over $7,000," Gray said.

For nearly $3,800, Phoenix Singles took photos of Gray and activated her profile for men to review.

In addition, we organize periodic off-site trips and parties and we celebrate seasonal activities and special occasions.

The activities offer great opportunities to meet new friends and celebrate the great life we live here in Sun City Grand.In turn, she said she would be able to review profiles of available men who met her parameters."For height, I said minimum 6 feet, for age, I said between 60 and 70," Gray said.Gray says days went by after signing up and not one profile fitting her qualifications popped up in her account. After complaining again, Phoenix Single sent another pair of candidates.Sun City Grand Singles Club Website: The SCG Singles Club offers a variety of activities including recurring events like golf, pickleball, bocce, hand and foot card games, breakfasts and more.We also have monthly events that include dining and entertainment, birthday luncheons, lunch and a movie, wine tasting parties, and several weekly social hours.With more than 20 years of television experience, Gary has established himself as a leader in the industry when it comes to assisting viewers and resolving their consumer-related issues.

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