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"My image is of someone who is down to earth, something like that." 'Burahara'Interest in blood type is widespread in Japan, particularly which combinations are best for romance.Women's magazines run scores of articles on the subject, which has also inspired best-selling self-help books.

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The flaw in some Type B personalities is that they may just give the reins to their partners instead of trying to push their opinions on the matter, even if they are right.

I remember going on holidays with her, she would wake me up at 7am and have the day planned, sighteeing here and a tour to wherever The easy answer is that you should date whoever you like. I was contributing the salad and we were running late. Type A people are assumed to be ambitious, driven, highly organized, and extremely conscientious.

ABs are well balanced, clear-sighted and logical, but also high-maintenance and distant. She'd obviously had a bad experience with a B type blood person.

The black sheep though seem to be blood group B - flamboyant free-thinkers, but selfish. But somehow I got the job anyway." Later, though, the issue of his blood came up again. 'Get out.'" There is even a term for such behaviour in Japan, burahara, which translates as blood group harassment.

People in most parts of the world do not think about their blood group much, unless they have an operation or an accident and need a transfusion.

But in Japan, whether someone is A, B, O or AB is a topic of everyday conversation.There is a widespread belief that blood type determines personality, with implications for life, work and love.It is Saturday night and a speed dating session is under way in a small building in the backstreets of Tokyo.It is for women who want to meet men with blood group A or AB.One says she decided to narrow down her search for a boyfriend after a bad experience with a man with type B. "But I couldn't help getting annoyed by how disorganised he was." "I really would like someone with type A blood," added her friend.Some firms organise work teams by blood type to try to ensure office harmony.

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