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That will surely work because normally recovery images are unsecured.It means that on phone superuser is installed, in this case connection indicator in bottom left corner of program has yellow color.

ug007ii updating rom-10

Android OS versione supported MTKdroid is COMPATIBLE with Android OS version up to 4.4 MTKdroid is NOT COMPATIBLE with Android OS version 5.x (LP) and higher like 6,.0 (MM), 7.0 (Nougat), etc ROM chunk size supported MTKdroid is COMPATIBLE with ROm chink size = 512 bytes/sector MTKdroid is NOT COMPATIBLE with ROM chunk size Check if you can, to make a backup of your ROM or to have a full backup of you ROM.

Check in the Android device if DEVELOPER OPTIONS is available into SETTINGS menu. please enable it selecting SETTINGS - Post all details about the device that you can like brand/model/CPU/ROM size/Flash size/Android version/ROM version/ROM date If you have problems or errors, please attach at this thread the file available in MTKDroid Tools folder! In the field of Start Address it is necessary to write down 0x000000.

Experiment and study work with Flash Tool in threads with similar phones!

On some MT6573 models, for example on B63, it can't be executed with any combinations and only testpoint need!

On phones with EXT4 blocks it doesn't get out (as a rule). Here the options depending on a concrete phone are possible.

Maybe it is necessary to press at the same time with connect of a cable the camera or volume buttons.

The program can even auto-detect your device and build.

The main changes in this release are full 4.4.4 support, improvements to the updater, and general code enhancements and optimizations.

Click on To process file ROM_ from Flash Tool button and choose the ROM_* file saved on the 6th step.

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