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I know that this is architecturally wrong, but my application has to be a single jar. Dear Folks, I know I am being a pain in the a** with my incessant questions today, but I appear to have a strange problem here.I am trying to make several changes to a GUI-based chat program which previously ran perfectly.

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I am using Net Beans to create the changes and Netbeans is able to read the files from the directory ...

Hi, I've been practicing wih java lately and started to write some little program for my mobile phone.

This method displays the paths of the files in UHD properly, meaning Update Jar class CAN see these files in the first run of the application too. 5) I again launch the application, go through the steps 2 & 3 again and this time, commit Update()'s For() and Value() both return 0 and my file is actually properly updated with the modified text files from UHD. I've used jar command lots of times, but this time, I'm not able to get it to work the way I want. Program will exit." But this same thing works, if I take out all the classes out of the "Classes" folder and keep them with "Manifest.txt" and specify "Main-Class: My Class".

2) I am able to make changes to these text files on UHD through my program. 3) Next, I try to call commit Update() method of Updatejar class above, method runs without any exceptions and prints both For() and Value() results as 1, which is supposed to be 0 for successful operation. I've been trying to resolve this issue since few days now.. Can anyone please tell me how to get it to work the way I want.

Hi, I've been working on an application, a sort of a test engine. Here's what's happening - The class files from Test read from text files of Resources.jar, extract these text files on user's home directory and make changes to these files (in the home dir itself).

The structure of the app is something like this - Test (All the classes needed to run the app) | | (Some text files, from which the questions and answers are read) Reading from the jar files is no problems. After that, I'm trying to update the text files in with the new updated text files from user's home directory.

Thanks I am wondering if there is any way to specify in the jar command to overwrite existing .class files that have the same name as the ones that you are updating the jar file with?

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Now they made some changes to a certain jar file ... You'd basically just unpack it, and then you'd decompile the classes inside it, and then you'd update the file, and then recompile the source code files and repackage it into a new jar. Do you mean that you want a running program to alter the jar file that it's deployed in? It's a huge pain in terms of ongoing maintenance if the jar file you deploy isn't the same jar file that the user has after a month of using the program. If you have a restricted list of classes which will be loaded from the jar, and loading those classes from the jar doesn't happen too often, then it can be done.

Hi, I've been working on an application, a sort of a test engine. I'm trying to create some feature that the program will do automatic updates for itself. During the run time, I let the program download an updated jar file at some point, with different name, say, append a '_TMP' at the end, which is to avoid directly overwriting the current used jar file, which ... (I have a working example here.) Basically, every time you want to create an instance of a class from the jar, you create a new classloader based on the (latest ...

The problem is that I can't get the program to read text files I added in the mobile's folders so I guess what I should do is update the file by adding the text files to it. I want to ship this application (i.e jar file consisting of Swing classes client_List.

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