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You can write message handlers that respond to the message.

updating database with dataset-80

Then, I get the parent Id and updating child record with parent Id.

So my questions is, why does the first Update break the relationship? Thanks a bunch, Sergey Hi Sergey, I still struggling with this problem. That is , In insert SP, we are returning the inserted record (select from table where id = SCOPE_IDENTITY).so, it fills the adapter with new record .

Columns("PId"))) Dim Purchase Data Row As Data Row = ds Purchase. Text) Purchase Data Row("TPDisc Amount") = Val(txt Discount Amount. Add(Purchase Data Row) Dim y As Integer = 0 For y = 0 To dgv Purchase Detail. Count - 1 Dim Purchase Detail Data Row As Data Row = ds Purchase. New Row 'Purchase Detail Data Row("PId") = Val(txt No. Value Purchase Detail Data Row("PQty") = dgv Purchase Detail. In this way you don't have to communicate with your database on each created row.

Text) Purchase Data Row("TPDisc") = Val(txt Discount. Value Purchase Detail Data Row("PRate") = dgv Purchase Detail. If updating offer Item , it throws foreign key violated error (as it has 0 as OI_Offer ID). Now my problem is the Parent ID in the child table are not getting updated and it shows 0 value. Maybe the best way is to set enforceconstrains to false before updating occurs.

Student Table Adapter(); Blog Engine Data Set ds Main = new Blog Engine Data Set(); s.

My table Reference Cycle consists from 2 fields (cycle Id - It counts automatically; name - string, that I pass as argument into Insert Querry method). The only thing - is that I can't pass changes, that I've made, to database :( Blog Engine Data Set Table Adapters. Thus it is not a surprise that the second Update fails. t appears as if the the first Update breaks the relationship and the offer Item Row no longer has an Offer Row. Offer ID evaluates to -1, same as before the call to Update. Offer Item); // the above fails with a foreign key constraint violation.Good afternoon, I have a function in a remote server which receives a dataset and makes (or at least should do) necessary updates. secondly, i trying to fill a variable with the query "select sum(columnname) from tablename where columname2 = 'something'. While using the Table Adapters and typed Data Sets, I came across a Constraint Exception Error I have seen reported in the MSDN Forums that I thought had to do with a misconfiguration of a SQL Server Table. Constraint Exception Was Unhandled - Column is Constrained to be Unique - Value is Present The error happens when inserting records into a database table and might say something like: “Constraint Exception was unhandled. Value '1' is already present.” One might think SQL Server is returning this error, but it is actually the Data Table that throws the exception. The Table to be created in the database is allready created in a data Set,but it doesn't exist in dabase.

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