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Materials Science & Engineering University of Michigan Nicholas Comninellis Associate Professor of Community and Family Medicine University of Missouri-Kansas City Stephen Crouse Professor of Kinesiology Texas A&M University Cham Dallas Professor, Pharmaceutics & Biomedical Science University of Georgia Charles N. Radiation Biology The University of Iowa Robert De Haan Ph. Human Development University of Chicago Gage Blackstone Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Texas A&M University Harold Delaney Professor of Psychology University of New Mexico Jonathan C. Up to 7 days of parking included with Park Sleep Fly package.

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Geology Missouri University of Science & Technology Daniel Ely Professor, Biology University of Akron Pattle Pun Professor of Biology Wheaton College Thomas English Adjunct Professor of Physics & Engineering Palomar College Rosalind Picard Sc. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science MIT Danielle Dalafave Associate Professor of Physics The College of New Jersey Richard Erdlac Ph. Structural Geology University of Texas (Austin) Michael C.

Meteorology Florida State University William Everson Ph. Human Physiology Penn State College of Medicine Susan L.

Kunicki Associate Professor of Mathematics The University of Findlay John Brumbaugh Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences University of Nebraska, Lincoln Thomas M. Starkey Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering The Ohio State University Donald Calbreath Professor, Department of Chemistry Whitworth College Pingnan Shi Ph. Electrical Engineering (Artificial Neural Networks) University of British Columbia (Canada) John B.

Zoology, Oxford University) University of Bristol (UK) John Brown Research Meteorologist National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Joseph A. Biochemistry University of California, Davis Nancy Bryson Associate Professor of Chemistry Mississippi University for Women Walter L.

Mathematical Physics University of Colorado Gerald Chubb Associate Professor of Aviation Ohio State University Robert Di Silvestro Ph. Biochemistry Texas A & M University Daniel Dix Associate Professor of Mathematics University of South Carolina Allison Dobson Assistant Professor, Chemistry Georgia Southern University David Prentice Professor, Department of Life Sciences Indiana State University Kenneth Dormer Ph. Biology & Physiology University of California, Los Angeles Ernest Prabhakar Ph. Experimental Particle Physics California Institute of Technology John Doughty Ph. Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering University of Arizona Jeanne Drisko Clinical Assistant Professor of Alternative Medicine University of Kansas, School of Medicine Robert Eckel Professor of Medicine, Physiology & Biophysics University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Seth Edwards Associate Professor of Geology University of Texas, El Paso Eduard F.

Astronomy University of Wisconsin Lee Eimers Professor of Physics & Mathematics Cedarville University William J. Reynolds Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Bruce Evans Ph.

Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin William Bordeaux Chair, Department of Natural & Mathematical Science Huntington College Michael Delp Professor of Physiology Texas A&M University Keith F.

Electrical Engineering Clemson University David De Witt Associate Professor of Biology Liberty University Aaron J.

Applied Mathematics (Chaos Theory) Imperial College, University of London (UK) Lowell D. Goodrich Professor of Computer Science University of California, Irvine T.

Epidemiology) University of New Mexico Brian Landrum Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering University of Alabama, Huntsville David Chambers Physicist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Michael T.

Geophysics & Space Physics University of California, Los Angeles Glenn R.

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