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“I said, ‘Well, she's a little young,’ and she said, ‘OK, what about Kim?’ I said, ‘Well, she’s married,’ and she goes, ‘OK, what about the mom, Kris?

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Sandy Kapoor, one of the late Anna Nicole Smith’s doctors, started off like any other day.

“I was in my bedroom, going through an infuriating ritual that makes me late to my clinic every single morning — I have a doctorate from the Boston University School of Medicine, but for the life of me, I can’t make sense of my sock drawer,” he wrote, opening chapter one of his book “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.” The date was Oct. Just before 7 a.m., Kapoor tried in vain to find a matching pair of socks in his bedroom, his twin newborn sons slept in a nearby room and his father proudly affixed a license plate onto his son’s brand new BMW parked in the driveway.

And, they just want to talk about the whole situation.”He would like to find love again and admits that Dannielynn constantly talks about expanding the family.

In fact, the determined young girl even started collecting adoption brochures for her dad! You can’t really do it that way.’” NEWS: Larry Birkhead and Daughter Dannielynn Honor Anna Nicole Smith's Memory at the 2017 Kentucky Derby Birkhead adds that Dannielynn doesn’t ask too many questions about Smith, who died 10 years ago from an accidental overdose, since people are always talking about her.

Los Angeles Police Department cruisers screeched to a halt in front of his home, which filled with LAPD officials and people wearing DEA-stenciled jackets.

They wanted to know about the circumstances surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith eight months prior, later ruled the result of an accidental drug overdose.

However, she continues to crave for a motherly figure.“She is clinging to the female teachers,” Birkhead says.

“She's clingy to her girlfriends’ moms and she’ll say things like, ‘Do you want to adopt me? ’ She tends to do that a lot.” Regardless of whether the pair eventually welcomes new family members into their lives, Birkhead is happy putting all of his energy into being her dad and is proud of the young woman she is turning into.“The other day, she had a friend whose fish died and she said, ‘Don't worry about your fish, it's up there with my mom.

“We went to a museum in Indianapolis and she started pulling these brochures for these kids that were up for adoption and she said, ‘Just surprise me when you get home. While he has faced some awkward moments, like explaining why her Wikipedia page states that her surname was “Stern” as a baby (Smith’s partner, Howard K.

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